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Master plan for TRSTENIK Municipality, 2003

Plan for revitalization and redevelopment of a small city on river Morava, known for it's strategic industry, traditional drafters and agriculture. 
Rich, well known industry collapsed with former Yugoslavia and left 25.000 inhabitants without a leading working branch. Well organized and constructed residential blocks from the mid seventies with historic XIXth century  town center nowadays are both seeking for private initiative and feasible revitalization strategy.

The new Planning and Building Act in Serbia gave planners and authorities instruments to find out the rational development strategy on real economic bases from the local development plans.   The Concept of Plan was presented to local authority, now on revision of Trstenik Planning Commission.

Master plan for Kraljevo Municipality, 2000

Revision of optimistic Master plan from seventies:
studious traffic research, demographic research, migrations,
zoning, transformation of optimistically planned residential zones,
rezoning parts planed for high density residential blocks to family housing areas.

Transformation of  the small historic "downtown" and
Riverside redevelopment.

The whole plan was made in digital form, with implementation instruments for local authorities.

Gornja Toplica & Spa Vrujci, 1998 - 2002

Spa Vrujci, in a beautiful ambiance with thermal water along the River Toplica, in central Serbia, became an interesting place for tourists and developers.

Local authorities engaged specialists to prepare a Feasibility Study
for nomination of this area for Serbian Registry of Spas.

Plan showed priorities in environmental protection, guidelines for sustainable development and rules for further recourses exploitation.

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City of Kotor, 97

Revision of the mainly good General Plan from eighties, after the adoption of the new Municipal Regional Plan. The aim of the plan was to try harmonize investors' wishes with space capacity, especially on worth historic sites.

Goals presented in the Municipality Development Plan were to improve living conditions in the area, broaden the possibilities for business and facilities in the city of Kotor and find new tourist development locations along the coastal zone.

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