Old town Perast, Montenegro, Yugoslavia, 2000 - Urban design


900.000 square meters of historic town, with baroque and renaissance old palaces and traditional Mediterranean stone houses. As the whole Kotor Bay, town is listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Development on commercial bases brings danger of uncontrolled growth and inadequate use of heritage. The capacity of site was analyzed in first phase of the project, then in Heritage Protection Study, and precise database of public and private buildings and open spaces. This phase ended with wide public discussion, where local population, authorities, and experts exchanged findings and expectations.

The second phase was an urban plan for public investments and two scenarios presented for possible town development: the first, as a pure tourist city in traditional ambiance. The second scenario was city revitalization strategy through mix of functions: residential, public, culture, tourism, etc.

The priorities of the project were: to save and maintain historic heritage, to improve living conditions through regulation of  public facilities, and define spatial and functional limits for further development.

Considering limits and potentials, especially in use of the cultural heritage, plan is to be the base and the frame for architectural designs, as well as a kind of catalogue for investors.

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