Communication Conference 93, Belgrade, "Urban Planners in the World of Computers"
How I lost My Drawing Table

Communication Conference 96, Belgrade
Urban Recycling - Potentials of Belgrade

Communication Conference 97, Belgrade

Cities on the Water - Bridges of the World

Belgrade Urban Planners Association Serial, Belgrade,  "Veljkovic" Pavilion

Communication Conference 99, Perast, Montenegro

Urban Recycling Strategy for the Perast Historic Heritage 

Visiting Lecture in Urban Reconstruction, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade University

Urban Recycling Strategy in Serbian Planning System

Communication Conference 01, Belgrade
Planning for Democracy, Democracy in Planning

Master Plan on CD ROM 

Communication Conference 02, Palic, Subotica
Seminar on European Regional & Transnational Cooperation


IIE, Hubert H. Humphrey
Washington Leadership Seminar, DC, U.S.
Political & Professional Leadership in Transitional Economies

Boston University, Boston, MA, U.S.
HHH Fellows Presentation of the home Country 

SPURS 2003-04 IAP Seminar MIT, Cambridge, MA, U.S.
Streets of Belgrade, Urban Spirit Revival

MIT DUSP Urban Design Seminar, Cambridge, MA, U.S.
The Advent of Mediated Space: Public Places and Technology

MIT SPURS Wednesday Seminar, Cambridge, MA, U.S.
Join the Unjoinable: Can American Urban Development Policies be Successfully Applied to SEE Planning Practice?

MIT SPURS 36th Commencement Celebration, 
Dedham,MA, U.S.
Challenge of SPURS - The art of making every choice - the right choice

International Symposium “Winds of Societal Change: Remaking Post-communist Cities”, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, U.S.
U.S. Public - Private Development Experience for Serbian Urban Heritage Improvement - 
Possibilities for Implementation in Urban Recycling Strategy

Communication Conference 2004, "Public Realm", Belgrade
In the mean time: While Perast is Waiting for it's Development Strategy

NYFA,  CHOROS International SAIT Project 
New York workshop, NYC, NY, U.S.
Urban Recycling Strategy

REX, Belgrade
Reclaiming SAIT New York workshop
Urban Recycling in New York

LENNE, TEMPUS Project, Belgrade
Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade University
Urban Landscape

Urban Design Conference, Belgrade
Belgrade Urban Planners Association
Politics, Trends, and Urban Form

Workshop on Public space in block 26, New Belgrade
Belgrade Town Planning Institute   
New Public Square for New Belgrade

Presentation for the Belgrade Elementary Schools, in serial "Everything is Culture", City of Belgrade Public Library  -
 Kids and the City

Belgrade Workshop: Urban Re-qualification and Transformation , Kolarceva zaduzbina, UNIDO/BLUOO Studio 
Urban Recycling - Creative Strategy for Urban Revitalization

Dubrovnik Seminar: Cultural Transitions in Southeastern Europe - The Creative City: Crossing Visions and New Realities in the Region
Forces and Trends that Shape Contemporary City- Creative Sector in Creative Cities

Belgrade Workshop: The Danube - Serbia EAR Project, Barriers to socio-economic development - Tourism perspective, with Mr. Walther Szerny, ATC Austrian Tourism Consultants GmbH, PM Office Belgrade
An Integrated Socio-economic Development Plan Based on the Rehabilitation of the Middle Danube River Basin and Inland Waterway System of Serbia,

Istanbul ISoCaRP 06 Congress: Can New Developments and City Identity Grow together in Harmony? The Quest for the Successful Public Space in New Belgrade  (download the article)

Urban Rehabilitation Conference, Association of  urban Planners of Belgrade, December 06:
Creative sector in Urban Rehabilitation Processes

Center for Education
Serbian Chamber of Commerce & YU Build, Project Management Seminar, "What Can Urban Planners Do for Developers?"

City of Belgrade Development Strategy Project Workshop, Natural & Built Environment Group, PALGO Center, SCTM, Belgrade, February 07

Urban Recycling and Creative sector in Serbia? - lecture, Faculty Of Architecture, Belgrade University, Studio Urbanism, April 07

Financing Metropolitan Governments in Transitional Countries Project - Workshop, Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative, OSI, Budapest, July 07

Belgrade, waterfronts, and Urban Recycling - 11 years later in Rivers and Industrial Heritage — Possibilities for (RE) Activation of Vacant Industrial Buildings and Structures in Serbia: Challenges and Practices Conference, Sava Center, Belgrade, September 2007

Capital - Potentials, Visions, Strategies and Projects, session in  Overcoming Barriers to the Recycling of Urban Land:
Revitalizing Brownfield Sites
, PALGO Center, ITDP Europe, and the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, in Serbian Chamber of Commerce, October 07

Urban Recycling and Creative Strategies for Sustainable Cities in Serbia, INNOVATION AND CREATIVE SPACES IN SUSTAINABLE CITIES, International conference organized by Holcim Awards
in cooperation with Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, October 07


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